Mobile Oil Field Shelters


Mobile Oil Field Shelters

When you are on the production site, you need to protect your workers and equipment.  These portable structures have multiple uses including break rooms, Bunk Rooms, Control Houses, Pump houses, Repair garages and guard shacks.

Break Rooms / Lunch Tents

Great way to get your your crew out of the elements to recharge during there down time. These structures are blast resistant and can be close to where the action is taking place.  Equipped with HVAC, Floors, Doors and TVs this will be a great way to recharge.

Bunk Rooms Tents / Bunk Trailers

These mobile oil field shelters can double as storm shelters for crew on site.  These are great for Remote drill sites, pipeline installation and off the grid sites.

Control House Tents

These buildings can be climate controlled to protect your expensive equipment safe and make sure they function without the threat of the elements.

Repair Garages

These Mobile Oil Field Structures are great for repair shops.  The standard leg height is 13'  Tall and have apex heights as tall as 40'.  They can be equipped with garage doors, lifts and ample power/ lighting.

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