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Custom Designed Sporting Event Structures

Marvel at the engineering and design of Hank Parker's newest creation, a custom designed temporary structure in the shape of a football helmet! Email [email protected] or call 585.370.5676 for a quote and related inquires to sporting event structures.

Custom Temporary Structure Rentals

A Curved Custom Walkway at the Rochester Museum of Science

Hank Parker's latest temporary structure installation at the Rochester Museum and Science Center features a modern A-Frame structure tent as well as a uniquely built custom walkway. Walkways are a perfect addition to your event so you can keep your guests dry and create a grand entryway. What makes this walkway unique is its German engineered curved roof! Visit or email [email protected] for more information on custom walkways and structure tent rentals.

Custom Walkways and Structure Tent Rentals

Photo Above: Rochester Museum and Science Center

Custom Walkways and Structure Tents

Photo Above: Curved Arcum Walkway at Rochester Museum of Science

Chair and Linen Rentals for your Wedding

Choosing the right chair and linen rentals for your wedding is an important choice and you want to be sure to make the right decision based on both budget and taste. Browse our linen and chair selections and don't hesistate to submit a quote request! Below is a beautful wedding featuring Spring color linens and natural padded wooden folding chairs are featured below at this gorgeous wedding at Larkin Square in downtown Buffalo. 

Chair and Linen Rentals for your Wedding

Photographed Above: Natural Padded Wooden Folding Chairs, Lilac and Watermelon Poly Linens

Chair and Linen Rentals for your Wedding

Chair and Linen Rentals for your Wedding

Photographed Above: Natural Chiavari Stools

Chair and Linen Rentals for your Wedding

Photographed Above: Natural Chiavari Stools Maya Linen (Special Order Only*), Watermelon Poly Linens

Chair and Linen Rentals for your Wedding

Chair and Linen Rentals for your Wedding

Photo Credits: Ayres Photography

Pop-Up Storefronts and Temporary Restaurant Structures



With spontaneous Pop-Up shops quickly gaining popularity, we can help you create a unique experience for your audience as well as help you build brand awareness in one fell swoop. These types of shops have become temporary homes to traveling art galleries, dining experiences, cafes, showrooms and creative retail spaces.



Typically set up in areas that have high foot traffic, your Pop-Up shop will be sure to command attention through its custom aesthetic, fresh and innovative look. Pop-up shops are temporary structures installed for any chosen duration and can provide an interactive experience as an integrative marketing technique. Email us at [email protected] for more information and visit our gallery and check out building styles here! Call 585.370.5676 to speak with a specialist now!


Sperry Tents

Sperry Wedding Tent Rentals

Engineered with genuine sailcloth, hand-stitched panels, and hand-milled pine beams, Sperry Tents are the only authentic sailcloth canopies in North America. What distinguishes this tent from any other - aside from its handcrafted components - is the classic seaside charm inherent in every corner and peak. There is nothing quite like a Sperry.

As a family-owned company with more than 45 years of experience in the rental industry, we believe that any event, large or small, should be an unforgettable occasion. Our rental inventory is designed to achieve any desired look in any setting and includes a wide range of tent sizes, dance floors, lighting, tables & chairs, and other accessories

Woodsy Winter Weddings

Buffalo Weddings | All Season Party and Tent Rental

Photographed Above : Napa Chairs

Buffalo Weddings | All Season Party and Tent Rental

Photographed Above & Below : Napa Farm Table, Euro Gold Flatware, Wrought Iron Lanterns, Gold Beaded Charger & Gold Rimmed Glassware

Buffalo Weddings | All Season Party and Tent Rental

Credits : Photographer -Sandra Arianna Photography & Basically Emily, Florals - Accents by ReneePlanner - Sarah MartinModels - Jordan George + Ryan Francis

Wedding Rental Trends for 2018

Wedding Rentals Buffalo and Rochester | Tents, Tables and Chairs for your Wedding 

It's hard to believe, but 2018 is just around the corner! Whether you're engaged or expecting him to pop the question around the holidays, now is the time to begin planning the wedding you have always dreamed of. We want your wedding to be stylish, simple and sweet. Hank Parker's and All Season offers the absolute best variety of wedding rentals including tables, chairs, specialty linens, custom draping, lighting, tents and everything in between. 

Wedding Rentals Buffalo and Rochester | Tents, Tables and Chairs for your Wedding

Photo credits : Alexandra Elise Photography, Arena's Florist, Celebrated Events, Petunia Rose

Classic Formal Weddings : A shift from the DIY, minimalist style to classic formal weddings are up ahead on the horizon. Our signature Louis chairs photographed above are a great option to create a more formal look for your wedding. Create an elegant look for your sweetheart or head table using these French vintage style chairs. 

Left to Right : Gold Tufted Bar, Niko Flatware, Gold and Fitzgerald Backbar

Metallics: Metallics take the front seat when it comes to wedding color trends next year, with an emphasis on silver. Looks from Hank Parker's and All Season include a custom made gold tufted back bar, new gold Niko flatware and elegant gold backbars. Complete your metallic look with silver and gold linens, metal chargers and tabletop accents that shine!

Wedding Rentals Buffalo and Rochester | Tents, Tables and Chairs for your Wedding

Left to Right: Grove Silver Linen (Lovewell Design), Square Cake Stand, Metallic Linens, Silver Bubble Charger

Inspired by Nature: The greenery of enchanted forests, elegant florals combined with woodsy accents is a popular trend on the rise for 2018 weddings. Rent the boxwood bar to create a look that evokes nature or the bamboo folding chairs to complete your nature inspired look.

Wedding Rentals Buffalo and Rochester | Tents, Tables and Chairs for your Wedding

Left to Right: Bamboo Folding chairs, Boxwood Bar, Mirrored Coffee Tables

Hank Parker's at Rochester Fashion Week

Hank Parker's does it again, but this time, they did things a little differently. As a proud sponsor of Rochester Fashion Week, Hank Parker's completed a never-seen-before structure installation. The show took place under Hank Parker's new Crystal Palas, a glass like igloo structure tent rental unlike anything you've ever seen before.

Hank Parker's Structure Tents | Igloo Structure Tent Rentals

Hank Parker's Structure Tents | Igloo Structure Tent Rentals

Models and pooches strutted their stuff all night long down the catwalk under the beautifully lit temporary structure. For more information on Rochester Fashion Week, click here : 

Hank Parker's Structure Tents | Igloo Structure Tent Rentals

Custom Draping and Bistro Lighting in Ithaca, NY!


Choose custom draping and custom lighting to set the mood for your wedding or next event. Photographed above : Hank Parker's Party & Tent Rental installs white, 14' high drape in a barn doorway just outside the charming town of Ithaca, NY. Bistro lights were delicately hung in on each side of the doorway on a beautiful August Summer Day! Transforming an ordinary doorway into one with elegance and grandeur will impress your guests and create a gorgeous backdrop for photos you'll be looking at for years to come. Choose any height, color or fabric type to create the look you want for your wedding or special event. 

The Crystal Palas Debuts at Battery Park

The first temporary structure of its kind, known as the Crystal Palas, was installed by Hank Parker's in Battery Park, New York City earlier this month. The new, geometrically innovative and transparent Crystal Palas measured 82' x 115' and functioned as a temporary venue for a well-known international fashion brand. Contact [email protected] for more information about the Crystal Palas



 Resembling a clear gem from the sky, an aerial view of the Crystal Palas provides a glimpse of its architectural ingenuity and size.   

Reflective on the vinyl, a starry, crystal-ball like view inside the Crystal Palas at night.

Hank Parker's at Rochester International Jazz Festival

The annual XEROX Rochester International Jazz Festival held in Downtown Rochester is an experience Hank Parker's Party & Tent Rental has been a part of for the past six years. Hank Parker's introduced the first ever multi-level structure to the festival and set it up in record time! Click on installation video below.

Using a double decker structure tent increases your square footage, creating vertical space for you and your guests. To learn more about Hank Parker's temporary double decker structure rentals, click here

Clear Top Tents in June! - June 2017


Hank Parker's does it again! This time on East Ave in Rochester, New York. A clear top tent was installed under sunny skies for this beautiful wedding, complete with Napa Farm Tables and Napa Chairs! A special thanks to Limedrop Events and Wisteria Flowers out of Rochester, New York!

Hang florals, greenery and lights that drip from the clear ceiling of your tent for a natural, earthy,  enchanted garden theme.  Clear top tents add to the splendor of your event by bringing in plenty of natural light and a view of the sunny skies during the day and romantic starry skies at night!

The Bills are Going Bigger & Better

Hank Parker's Party & Tent Rental has built a lasting relationship with the Buffalo Bills for the past 15 years and counting. This year, we did things a little differently...


As you can see in the picture above, we specially crafted a structure tent for the Bills Training Camp at St. John Fisher in Henrietta, NY. This type of structure allows fans to watch at a bird's eye view - in VIP style.


We also created what is called a PALAS structure tent to hold merchandise that the fans can purchase in comfort and awe. This is unlike any tent you've been in before: spacious and carpeted, with A/C.


We can go from small and intimate to grand and spectacular! Whatever size your event is - we are happy to help. Call today for more information on structure tents and see if we can assist you for your next event!

Don't Let the Rain Put a Damper on Your Day

 Instead of getting caught in the rain, be prepared. If you're looking in to a beautiful white or clear tent wedding - or already have one reserved - it is vital to be mindful of inclement weather. No worries - we've got you covered. Below we will show you some tips and tricks to make your day shine.


Sidewall - We offer a few different options when it comes to side wall. Above, you will see our French window option. Below, is our solid choice.


Walkways - Protect your guests' clothes and ask us about your options including building a walkway from one area to another to keep the rain out. It's easier than you think! Call today and we can set up a free inspection right at your home or venue. Below, is an example of what yours could look like.


Hank Parker's Pagoda Tents Featured at the 112th U.S. Open Polo Championship

The International Polo Club Palm Beach in Wellington, Florida, home to the most prestigious polo tournaments in the United States, was also home to two of Hank Parker's Pagoda tents at this year's U.S. Open Polo Championship. Our Pagoda tents add a sophisticated, European flair and were the perfect solution to house two key areas at the event, media and merchandise. The Pagoda offers an attractive tent architecture featuring a classic high-peak and the highest quality materials. Aside from its appearance, the Pagodas are engineered to withstand 75+ mph winds and are extremely weather resistant. 

As the leading full-service, turnkey rental company in the nation, Hank Parker's also has an extensive inventory of furnishings to perfectly transform any space. At the Polo Championship, we provided a tailor-made experience within the tents, including flooring, custom carpeting, lighting, charging stations, wifi hotspots, a variety of tables, chairs and custom branding to bring the space to life. To learn more about our tent rentals and services, please visit


Make Your Celebration One to Remember with a Sperry Tent!

When it comes to planning your summer wedding or event, one of the most important aspects of the décor is the tent your guests will be mingling and dancing beneath. For individuals looking to stand out from the sea of conventional vinyl tents, renting a Sperry Tent is a wonderful way to do so. Handcrafted with genuine sailcloth and raised to new heights with its beautiful sailed peaks, your Sperry Tent will glisten in the sun, creating a charming and unique appearance your guests will love.

One of the things we love most about Sperry Tents is that they are made entirely in the USA with expert craftsmanship. From their hand-stitched panels to the hand-milled pine beams, everything about your Sperry Tent is a step above the ordinary!  


Thanks to the beautiful, pillared design of a Sperry Tent, there is an array of unique and exciting lighting options for you to consider. String lights are often hung around the tent's perimeter, creating an ethereal appearance. Chandeliers and lanterns can also be hung from the ceiling of the tent for an intimate glow or a whimsical ambiance beneath your canopy. Sperry tents are translucent which allows light to shine through. This picture is a beautiful example of custom design lighting being used.


Level out the ground beneath your tent and provide your guests with a space to dance with wood or carpeted flooring. Depending on the event style you are looking to create, your Sperry Tent can easily be transformed to work with different flooring styles, creating an indoor escape from the elements.


Whether you envision a relaxed seaside escape or a chic and modern lounge beneath your Sperry Tent, the furniture possibilities are endless. With a charming, handcrafted design, your sailcloth tent can be accessorized to work with almost any furniture style; a unique and elegant addition to any festivity.


Keep guests warm during the brisk spring nights cool during the hot summer days with heating and air conditioning inside your Sperry Tent. Beautiful, clear sidewalls can also be added to maintain the proper ambiance and environment within your tent, as can canvas walls - great for catering tents and surprise parties!

The perfect way to make a grand entrance (and exit) at your wedding reception, covered walkways can be accessorized to match your décor, glimmering with strings of lights, overflowing with flowers and sparkling with beautiful ivory sailcloth.

Stylish, unique and customizable with lighting, flooring, furniture and accessories, your Sperry Tent will create a gorgeous and memorable backdrop for your special celebration! All Season Party & Tent Rentals and Hank Parker's Party & Tent Rentals are happy to provide our customers with Sperry Tent rentals. To learn more about your tent options, give us a call at 866-604-2629 or visit theshowroom location nearest you.

For wedding and party inspiration, visit Sperry Tents' online photo gallery.

Bringing the Outside in with Boxwood

Whether you are planning an ethereal wedding, an elegant private party or an eco-friendly corporate event, boxwood is a beautiful way to bring elements of the outside into your tent, and All Season & Hank Parker's  Party & Tent Rentals is excited to show you how!

How can you incorporate boxwood into your next event?   


(before and after)

Often used to create hedges and lawn art, boxwood is a gorgeous type of ornamental greenery that can add a fresh layer of sophistication to any celebration.

According to Glamour Weddings, natural, woodland elements are going to be huge this year, making boxwood the perfect addition to your special day. We love the idea of setting up a boxwood backdrop behind the head table, creating a delicate and airy outdoor atmosphere regardless of the season.

Another wonderful way to use boxwood in weddings and events is as a partition. Separate different areas of your venue with this lush greenery, setting the stage for an elegant and one-of-a-kind evening.

All Season & Hank Parker's Party & Tent Rentals now offers boxwood in various sizes (4' x 8', 4' x 11', 3', 4'), as well as specialty sizes upon request. Visit us online at to create a quote or contact us 866-604-2629 to start planning your dream event.  

Check Us Out in Buffalo Spree Magazine!

Just engaged in the Buffalo area? We recommend picking up the February 2016 addition of Buffalo Spree Magazine to read "It's your day: advice from wedding pros" by Rebecca Cuthbert. All Season Party & Tent Rentals is proud to have sponsored the article, which includes some great pointers and unique ideas from wedding professionals throughout the area.

The perfect place to start your search for top area wedding vendors, this article shares advice from a variety of different local shops, reception halls and venues.

The most important message you can take from this piece: Be true to yourself and your wedding vision throughout the planning process. At the end of the day, everyone will have their own ideas for your big day, but yours and your partner's are the only ones that count.

Whether you are planning a wedding, corporate event or private party, All Season Party & Tent Rentals is here to make your big day a success. View our extensive collection of tents, tables, chairs, tableware, and more online, then call us at 866-604-2629 to start planning your celebration. 

Hank Parker's Celebrates the Wedding of Mr. and Mrs. Ryan


Married at Miller Nurseries on Canandaigua Lake, Lauren Sands and James Ryan III hosted an intimate and enchanting fall wedding. Featured on The Knot, the couple's big day appeared like a scene out of a fairy tale. Here at Hank Parker Party & Tent Rentals we are excited to say that we were able to help make the couple's dream wedding a reality.

After an outdoor ceremony held beneath a whimsical arch, the guests headed across the nursery to a reception held beneath a clearspan clear top tent, where they could take in the beauty of the stars and sky as they dined and dance with the newlyweds. From the rustic wood flooring and balcony to the romantic hanging lights and candles, we were able to create a dreamlike backdrop to accent the bride's ethereal image.

Guests entered through two large barn doors into a garden featuring a custom built fireplace by Hank Parker's and eclectic artwork. All fifteen tables were accented with glass tableware and tiny gold animal figurines to mark the seats. Draping was hung and heaters were provided on the balcony to create a cozy and amorous atmosphere around the outdoor bar.

Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Ryan and thank you for choosing Hank Parker Party & Tent Rentals to help make your fantasy a reality!

Hank Parker's Is The Tent Provider Of The Buffalo Bills

Feel The Rush. That's the 2015 slogan for the Buffalo Bills, and after all of their off-season moves, who among us was not excited for training camp and the season to start?

Although it's easy to feel the adrenaline rush percolating through the stands at training camp, it also doesn't take long to feel the weather conditions. Whether it's the sticky heat or a downpour of rain showers, having a tent conveniently nearby is must for large outdoor events in the summer.

Hank Parker's Party & Tent Rentals is proud to be the official tent provider of the Buffalo Bills.  As part of our partnership with the Bills, we provide tents at their training camp site at St. John Fisher, including our expansive, state-of-the-art, double-decker tent that has provided multitudes of camp goers with a place to cool down away from the hot sun, and a place to stay dry when rain showers escape from the clouds. For more information about our partnership with the team, please check out this video at their website.

Our two-story tent is located alongside the field and is broken down into three quadrants to best serve the Bills' needs.  One area is set aside for corporate partners and features a buffet downstairs and a viewing area with wonderful vantage points upstairs.

The second area is for family and friends of the Buffalo Bills while the third section is the community relationship area for the team.  Each section has a viewing area upstairs and downstairs, and brings guests close to the action.

In addition, we also provide the spacious merchandise tent that visitors pass through ontheir way to watch practice and scrimmages, as well as the kid's area tent that is home to bounce houses and other exciting games for young fans to enjoy.  Remember, we can provide your next outdoor event with the same tents (or smaller ones) that we showcase each year at St. John Fisher.

St. John Fisher and the Buffalo Bills do an unbelievable job of organizing training camp and making it as fan friendly as possible. Numerous national football writers have remarked that Fisher is one of their favorite stops on the training camp trail, and it's easy to see why.

Especially this year. Can't you feel the rush?


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